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Frequently asked questions

How much do I have to order?
All our products come in different litreages.  Bulk deliveries are anything from 500 litres upwards. Generally, we don't supply less than 500 Litres of Gas Oil or Kerosene in bulk tanker.  Anything less than 500 litres we would supply in barrels of 200 litres or you are always welcome to visit us on site and we will help you fill your own containers.  Lubricants supplied through our sister company come in the usual 25-50 litre sizes.

What price will I have to pay?
As with any commodity, your price is based on our buying price which fluctuates with the fuel markets.  You are always welcome to call us and ask to speak to either the MD or Sales Manager who have a good knowledge of the markets and which way they are likely to go, based on historic movements.  All deliveries under 2,300 litres are subject to 5% VAT; anything over this amount is subject to the usual 20% VAT.

How soon can you get to me?
We pride ourselves on getting your fuel to you when you need it.  The speed of delivery depends on where you are in the country and how much you require. We generally aim to deliver to you within 2-3 days, but as this is seasonal you should always specify to one of our representatives what your requirements are.  In special cases, we can even arrange same-day delivery.

What is the difference between boiler fuel and AGA fuel?
We supply Kerosene, which is differently known as heating fuel, Kero, 28-second fuel and home fuel.  All of these can be used for home boilers and AGA or Rayburns.  Some AGA or Rayburn suppliers and salespeople suggest you mix an additive with your fuel to make your oven run better, which is similar to the petrol additives that performance car owners are advised to use, and we can supply this if requested.

Can you supply me with a new tank?

We have a tank specialist on site who can come and look at your requirements and advise you exactly what you need and can arrange this for you.

Why does my fuel create carbon build up in my AGA/Rayburn/boiler?

A recent EU directive to lower sulphur emissions has had an effect on the build-up of 'soot' on certain heating/cooking systems.  This is because the low-sulphur fuel carbonises more quickly when burned at a high temperature.

There are additives that can be bought to mix with the Kerosene (we sell Exocet at £18 incl. VAT for 200ml and this will treat 1000 litres of Kerosene) to negate the effect of this carbonisation.

There is a 'Premium Kerosene' available on the market but this is generally a normal British Standard BS2869 C2 '28 second' Kerosene already blended with an additive, such as the one mentioned above. For your quick calculation, the £18 extra cost of the additive equates to under 2ppl (pence per litre) more on your bulk 1,000 litre kerosene purchase, so beware if your supplier is charging you more than this for the 'Premium' product, as you could do it more cheaply by buying the Exocet and blending it in yourself.

We at Fast Fuel will do this for you. We add the 200ml to your tank first and then load the kerosene on top of it to ensure the additive is thoroughly mixed through your tank.

If you need any further information, please contact one of our staff and they will aim to help you where they can.



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